Employer FAQs

Job Posting Questions

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Will my job posting appear on Indeed.com?

VetMed Careers is still one of the very few niche job boards “grandfathered” into displaying your job posting(s) on Indeed.com at no additional charge. For how long, we don’t know.

However, in an effort to reduce duplicate job postings and job titles, Indeed often requires approval of employers. This could take a few days to receive a response. They are very strict in adhering to this policy and this policy is set by Indeed.com themselves, in which VetMed Careers has no control. Per Indeed, it is highly recommended that you renew your job posting with VetMed Careers before expiration date to maintain Indeed.com visibility. For additional information regarding Indeed and discounted renewal rates, please click.

VetMed Careers does not guarantee your job posting will be shown on Indeed.com.

Termination of Job Posting

Once job(s) are posted and displayed on vetmedcareers.com, Employer/User may choose to cancel, remove, or delete job posting at any time, however no refunds will be issued. Job posting services will remain available until job posting or job posting plan expires.

Is VetMed Careers a Recruiting/Staffing Agency?

No, VetMed Careers is not a recruiter or staffing agency however we do offer assistance to veterinary candidates seeking help with their job search. If we have a candidate seeking employment within your practice area, we’ll contact employers via email only. Employers with an active job posting receive first priority. Make sure vetmedcareers.com domain is added to your safe list to receive email notifications in a timely manner.

Does VetMed Careers Offer Resume Viewing?

Yes. VetMed Careers offers free resume viewing with any active job posting.

Does VetMed Careers participate in PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising?

VetMed Careers is simple, easy, and affordable offering 45-day or 90-day job posting rates only. We do not participate in PPC models and offer no surprise or additional hidden fees.

How Do I Renew our Job Posting?

To renew your job posting:

  1. Login to your VetMed Careers employer account
  2. Click on “User Page” in the upper right corner
  3. Locate job posting and click “Relist”.
  4. Be sure to review job posting for any edits or changes prior to submitting
  5. Proceed with payment.
How Will I know When Someone Applies?

When a candidate applies to your job posting(s), you will receive an automated email notification from VetMed Careers displaying candidate message and possibly their resume as an attachment. The same candidate inquiry is also saved to your employer dashboard. Make sure vetmedcareers.com domain is added to your safe list to receive email notifications in a timely manner.

Can I Direct Candidates to our Applicant Tracking Software?

Yes, an Apply URL field is included with each job posting. Just fill in the “Apply URL” field with the URL of your preference located on the Post a Job page.