Tricks to a Good Job Posting

Good job postings draw job seekers. It’s a fact. Before you sort through resumes, schedule interviews, you need to come up with a job description that keeps your inbox busy.

It appears that Google likes a job description of  a minimum of 400 words.  While keeping that mind, when posting a job, the top 3 factors job seekers look at first is location, pay, hours, including any perks and benefits. If you don’t have a ‘catchy’ title or something that grabs the job seekers attention immediately, consider placing this information at the top of your posting to really grab job seekers attention.

Job seekers use certain words when job searching. What word would you use when job searching? These are the keywords you should be including. Something as small as spelling or preferred abbreviations can make all the difference, like whether you should be using the term “vet” instead of veterinarian, etc. If you’re not getting the candidates or applications you need, it might be the time to change the text of your job description to get better results.

Did you know 75% of job seekers search for jobs on mobile devices? Formatting your job posting becomes easily accessible on phones, tablets and more.

  • Bullet Points: Using bullet point makes it easier for job seekers to read your job posting.
  • CAPS: We cannot stress this enough. Avoid ALL CAPS titles. They may be hard for search visitors to read, and may severely limit the number of characters Google will display. To put in simply, Google does not like this.
  • Job Titles: All job titles should not exceed 70 characters as Google job title field is based on a 600-pixel container and some characters naturally take up more space. As is in the case with an uppercase “W”. This is wider than a lowercase character like “i” or “t”.  Yes, it can get technical.

Although these tricks can’t land you the job seeker of your dreams (or can it?), it is definitely a good place to start. Be sure to check back for additional tips, news, and more as we provide additional posts.