Job Seeker FAQs

Job Seeker Frequently Asked Questions...

We can also be reached at 912-857-8688 during regular business hours (9-5 EST)

Q: I Can’t Find My Uploaded Resume?
A: VetMed Careers resume database is for experienced veterinary professionals within the United States and Canada only. All resumes are pending approval and reviewed prior to posting.

Resumes not accepted:

  • Resumes without veterinary experience will not be accepted.
  • Resumes with less than 1 year veterinary experience will not be accepted.
  • Resumes from other countries. No exceptions.

Q: Can I Upload My Resume Without Applying To a Job?
A: Yes you can…here’s how:

  • Login to your account
  • Go to the “User Page” tab
  • Select “Post Resume”.
  • Upload a PDF or Word Doc resume or create a text version.
  • Once your resume is uploaded, it is “Pending” and subject to approval. Resumes without recent veterinary experience will not be accepted.

Q: Who Can View My Resume?
A: Your resume and contact information are only visible to employers with an active job posting. Because contact information is typically included on resumes, as an extra precaution, job seeker contact information is not displayed.

Q: How Do I Apply to a Job?
A:Most employers are seeking experienced candidates WITH veterinary experience. If you have experience and are interested in applying to jobs the “Apply For Job” button, there are 2 ways to apply:

  • Upload CV: enter your name, email address and copy/paste your cover letter or message, and select the Browse button to upload your CV/resume. Your resume will be emailed directly to employer and posted to their employer dashboard.
  • Submit Resume and Apply: Candidates can easily apply to jobs of interest with their approved online resume by clicking the Submit Resume and Apply button. Candidates without an approved resume on file can easily submit their resume to VetMed Careers to keep on file by using this feature. Simpy click the Submit Resume and Apply button to submit your resume.

Resumes without veterinary experience will not be accepted. Resumes are posted for 1-year.Please Note: Employers are receiving resumes from candidates that are not licensed Veterinarians. If you do not have an active Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine (DVM) license, candidates should not be replying to Associate Veterinarian, Veterinarian, or DVM jobs. We can not stress this enough. Please contact if any questions.